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Department Overview

NEW: Utilities Notice about a Drinking Water Test Procedure (Oct. 6, 2016)

Our Water, Wastewater Collection and Water Pollution Control Divisions have proudly provided our community with safe drinking water, provided an environmentally proactive wastewater collection system and treated wastewater to very high standards enabling us to provide reclaimed water to our customers for reuse in the community.

We serve over one hundred thousand people living and working in the City of Clearwater, playing a vital role in the community's growth, prosperity, health and safety.

The Water Division invests millions of dollars in its treatment and distribution systems to meet the quantity and quality needs of our customers. Steps have been taken to ensure quality drinking water for future generations through such projects as the Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant (securing an adequate water supply) and the "Water Conservation Program" (encouraging water-wise lifestyles).

The Wastewater Collection Division constantly maintains pumping stations and performs maintenance and inspection of sewer lines ensuring safe, reliable removal of wastewater from homes and businesses. As the community grows, so must the network of pipes that support community development. Currently, forty-eight of the City’s seventy-five pumping stations are being upgraded.

The Water Pollution Control Division, often referred to as the "Guardians of the Environment", continues to meet the challenges associated with operating wastewater treatment plants. These challenges include protecting public health, meeting the mandates and increasing regulations imposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and upgrading its treatment plants.

We are very proud of the dedication and expertise of the men and women of the Public Utilities Department who serve our customers and keep our systems operating as we continue our pledge for increased productivity, controlling costs and improving customer service. It is our continuing endeavor to serve the public by providing our customers with high quality, safe and efficient services, while promoting conservation and responsible management of resources. The quality and availability of these basic necessities of life sustain our customers and promote the well-being and growth of the community. Our highest priority is meeting customer needs while making the community a better place to live, work and play.

Mission Statement

Public Utilities is dedicated to providing high quality water, wastewater, and reclaimed water services while protecting the public health and natural environment of our community through cost effective management, operation and maintenance of our infrastructure sustaining these essential services.

Vision Statement

The Public Utilities Department will provide professional customer service, utilizing cutting edge technology, to protect public health through delivery of safe, reliable drinking water; environmentally sensitive wastewater collection and treatment; and delivery of reuse water, offsetting drinking water demand.