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Welcome to the City of Clearwater's Environmental Web Site

Think Green! logo

In a world focusing on "going green" and protecting the environment, Clearwater is planting the seeds for a greener, cleaner city. Our organization promised to protect the environment when Mayor Hibbard signed the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. The city also partnered with the University of South Florida to identify areas of opportunity to improve our beautiful city's sustainability for future generations.

We collaborate with City agencies, business groups, not-for-profit organizations, and other partners to protect and enhance Clearwater's sustainability, beauty, environmental quality, and livability.

We want to help residents to "Think Green!" We hope to inspire individuals and organizations - both within and outside City government - to take action and make changes in their lives to help keep Clearwater a pristine, desirable and green place to be.

The City of Clearwater is working in concert with residents, businesses, and its own employees to implement strategies for a sustainable future. Learn what the city is doing to keep Clearwater viable - and what you can do to help!

View our Green initiative flyer (PDF file)

Get Involved with Clearwater Greenprint

Greenprint logoGreen. Vibrant. Competitive. Three small words could mean big things to Clearwater and you! The City of Clearwater is becoming more energy efficient, saving money and natural resources at the same time. Help us build a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Clearwater. Learn how Clearwater Greenprint, a community action plan for sustainability, affects you and your family.

Learn More About Clearwater’s Wetlands

The city created a Wetlands Atlas to facilitate the planning and permitting activities conducted by the Engineering Department, Environmental and Stormwater Management Division, and it provides an overall representation of the natural resources in Clearwater. This Atlas provides useful information for the preparation of Environmental Resource Permit applications for the Southwest Florida Water Management District and the US Army Corps of Engineers. The Atlas is intended to be a "living" utensil that can be updated periodically as things change in the area.

City Initiatives

See what city initiatives, programs, and strategies the City of Clearwater is using to improve the sustainability and livability of our beautiful city:

Learn to Use Energy More Efficiently

It is amazing how much energy is wasted, both at work and in the home. Here is a document containing some quick facts on energy efficiency and consumption.

Image of a green droplet around the earthMayor's Climate Protection Agreement

Along with more than 740 Mayors nationwide, Mayor Frank Hibbard signed the U.S. Conference of Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement in June 2007, committing to the residents of Clearwater to protect our environment.

Everyone know there's an increasing threat to the environmental health of our communities, and it's so important to start making changes today that will chart the course for a greener, cleaner Clearwater. Signing this agreement is the first of many steps to taking action.

Learn more about the Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement

As part of this commitment, the city developed a partnership with the University of South Florida. Fourteen students completed the graduate-level Masters course, entitled "Going for the Green: Enhancing Environmental Sustainability in Clearwater." The University of South Florida's Tampa campus offered this course as part of its Master's degree program for the Fall 2007 semester, and it used the City of Clearwater's environmental practices and sustainability as a case study.

The students addressed many of the issues associated with the U.S. Council of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, recently signed by the City of Clearwater. Areas of study included conservation, transportation, environment, energy, "green" building codes, education, recycling, solar power, etc. The students' presentation and final report include student perspectives on how Clearwater implements green practices and initiatives, along with what advances can be made.

Green City Action Accord

The Mayor's Green City Action Accord kicked off this year at the Pinellas Living Green Expo event, held at the Harborview Center on May 3 and 4, 2008. All Pinellas County mayors who have previously endorsed this Accord were invited to participate.

The Mayor's Green City Action Accord recognizes the need to pursue alternate forms of energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the importance of being an example to the community by making their own government operations more sustainable.

Mayor Frank Hibbard signed the Accord as a member of the Florida League of Cities' board of directors. As the mayor of the host city for the Pinellas Living Green Expo, he was one of the speakers at the ceremony.

Think Green Guide

Our Think Green Guide offers conservation and personal responsibility tips for the various facets of your active life. By implementing these green strategies into your daily routine, you will help build a more sustainable urban ecosystem and a greener future for generations to come.

Learn what you can do to "Think Green" with our Think Green Guide

Image of green emissionsGreenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator

Find out the household greenhouse gas emissions that result from your household energy use and waste disposal. The Environmental Protection Agency has developed this calculator to help identify and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It provides information you can use to identify ways to reduce your personal greenhouse gases. See what you can do to help protect our climate.

Also, read the results of the City of Clearwater's recent Greenhouse Gas Inventory (PDF file).

Electronic & Hazardous Waste Disposal

Are you frustrated because you don't know how to properly dispose of various items around your home or office? Electronic and hazardous waste disposal is easy!

Learn more on our electronic and hazardous waste disposal page